Branding and Logo Design in Chichester

I’m a freelance brand strategist and designer. I create visual identities and branding that resonates with customers and I develop strategies that drive company growth.

Brighton and Hove Branding

Brand Design

Cut through the noise! Tell your story with a strong visual identity and brand design. Whether you’re a fin-tech or fitness guru, a beautician or a bee-keeper, I’ll help you find a look which represents you!

Take a look at the Burger Journey and Brighton and Hove Clearance projects which show some wider design beyond just the logo.


Burger Journey Logo on Black

Logo Design

Your logo is the single visual element which represents your brand. This means that all of the thoughts and feelings a customer has about you are pinned to your logo. Which is why it’s critical to get it right. According to legendary logo designer Sagi Haviv, it should be appropriate, memorable and simple. With that in mind, I will only produce logos which I am confident will represent your brand beautifully. They will be timeless – not trendy – which means you will never need to replace it.

Have a look at the Quantum Corporate Entertainment project for a deeper look at the logo design process.

Burger Journey Brand Discovery

Brand Strategy

I have experience in education, ed-tech, a successful start-up and a multi-national e-commerce. Therefore, I am well placed to work with you on more than just your visual identity. This broad spectrum of experience allows me to support with positioning, messaging, timing and strategy. This means I can work with you to better understand your customers and your business. Not only will I provide beautiful visuals but I’ll also support your growth by helping you develop a sound brand strategy.

Fancy a cuppa?

Whether it’s for a small side-hustle or the next Uber, give me a call to discuss what you have in mind. I’d be delighted to help.