Who's Ron?

It just so happens that both of my Grandads are called Ron, so what better way to pay homage to the importance of family than to name your company after them! The Rons are my grandads but for me the name Ron+Ron symbolises family, inventiveness and resourcefulness.

My aim is to allow you to focus on what you do best. Business owners are highly skilled and passionate about their craft but turning this into a business is a challenge. I will support you with critical business decisions and provide you with high-quality services including web, print, design, marketing and finances.

I spent three years working as a Product Manager at an online education start up. During my time there I was primarily responsible for product development but was also a key member of the leadership team. The platform which I managed had around 350 registered schools and was used by around 3,000 teachers and 85,000 students. I took a leading role in financial planning which enabled the company to enter their first funding round aiming to achieve investment of £1 million.

During this process I built the financial model, wrote the business plan, investment proposal and pitch deck and helped prepare the founders to present to investors. I also led both organic and paid marketing and vastly improved the brand identity through high-quality print and digital graphic design.

It became clear to me that other startups and small businesses would face the same difficulties so I decided to start Ron+Ron with the intention of providing founders and business owners with the essential support needed to help their business flourish.