Black Rose Woodwork Logo Design Wide

The story behind the Black Rose Logo and Website.


When I first met Callum I was struck by how kind and genuine he was. I would sum him up as being an old soul in a young body. He oozes passion for woodwork and furniture restoration and he is a cool guy who like being out on the water or in the workshop. He was looking for support with logo design, web design and general brand strategy and I was more than happy to help!

He had a clear vision for his brand: Trustworthy, excellence, premium and sophisticated. We discussed influences such as an antique green Chesterfield chair, raw coffee, wood shavings and whisky bottles. This meant that during our initial meeting I already had a strong sense on what he was after.

Following on from understanding his business, we developed his customer persona. In this case, the customer persona was actually a couple; a husband and wife called John (68) and Sheila (71). They lived in West Dean, a sleepy village outside of Chichester. They shopped at M&S and Waitrose and they enjoyed a pot of Twinnings Tea after walking the dogs in their Barbour jackets. They also enjoyed gardening and attending local art workshops.

A few coffees down and a few pages of the note book filled and I was ready to go away and start sketching.

Logo Design

When researching rose logos it became clear that they are usually quite twee. Even worse, when you search for black rose logos they have totally the wrong feeling; more funeral than furniture! They are often overly feminine or have too much detail. This was not the right feeling for the business and not the message Callum was trying to portray. I was struggling for inspiration so I started sketching, hoping my pencil would produce something brilliant. Shockingly, that strategy didn’t work! Previously, Callum had mentioned the design for traditional whisky bottles so I knew I wanted to include some flourishes and some detail, but the softness of the classic rose designs were not cutting it for me until I stumbled on the little hexagonal guy. That was the direction I needed to go in. Modern, clean cut and geometric. This would sit perfectly with some more traditional details which I had in mind for later. The perfect balance of traditional and modern. This was the start of the final logo.

Web Design

Following the logo being signed off, Callum asked me to build his website. I designed a clean, fresh site which highlighted the attention detail in his work through beautiful photography coupled with lots of white space, nice typography and well-thought out layouts.

Whilst beautiful, the site was primarily designed to bring Callum customers. This meant it had to feature highly in local searches and once customers were on the site it had to make them want to phone up. Therefore, it was designed with SEO in mind the whole way through and every page has a specific focus with the intention of driving traffic. Following such a through process, Callum has had numerous customers find him through search and get in touch via his website. If you search for “woodwork in Chichester” you’ll most likely find the site somewhere near the top of the results!

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