Brighton and Hove Branding and Logo

The Brighton and Hove Clearance Story

Brighton and Hove Clearance are a clearance company in…I think you get it.

They approached me as they were quickly growing; taking on an additional employee and looking to have new business cards and vans sign-written. Sam didn’t think the current logo was professional enough and needed something that he was proud to wear on his t-shirts or hand over on a business card. Most clearance companies feature clip-art style recycling signs, cartoon characters happily dragging around wheelie bins or images of vans speedily removing old sofas. None of this was appropriate for Sam who wanted something bold and simple.

I chose Futura as a crisp, clean typeface, aligned it left and right and added a top and bottom line to reinforce the order and cleanliness which Sam deliver to clients.

For wider branding, I played on the idea of order out of chaos. I exploded the new logo, and placed the letters and lines in a jumble to make a nice texture.

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