FoxTech Branding Business Card Chichester

FoxTech Branding

About FoxTech

Iain, Tommy and Anthony are genuine experts when it comes to IT infrastructure, having previously worked on National Infrastructure projects and National Security Projects. They started FoxTech with two main aims: Firstly, to provide highly-specialised support to large organisations and, secondly, to provide IT support, advice and leadership to small and medium enterprises.

Brand Discovery

After reaching out, we held a discovery call where I got to know the business, the people, the customers, their values, ambitions and plans. This is really useful information in order to design a brand which is suitable for the market, the customers and the business.

Logo Design

The key values I wanted to get across in the logo were security, professionalism and confidence. I wanted something strong and robust which would convey these attributes. After a few pages of sketches, I had a few ideas in mind. After some further refinement I was ready to present the options.


Design Options

I presented 4 design options to the FoxTech team, each of which conveyed the qualities which the brand is built upon. I chose a green colour as we decided we wanted a corporate and professional feel, but we wanted to move away from the standard corporate blue. The four options can be seen below:
FoxTech Business Card
FoxTech Logo Design V2
FoxTech Logo Design V4
FoxTech Logo Design V3

Logo Presentation

I met Iain and Tommy in person to present the logos to them. I much prefer to meet in person with clients as it leads to a much more personal relationship. We had a great chat and I presented the logos. They immediately narrowed it down to to the first option and the simple word mark. I left it with them to take away, show some other people and get back to me. They got back a few days later with their decision to go for option 1.

Wider Branding

The FoxTech team also asked me to produce some wider branding including a business card, letterhead and Google Docs template.

Fancy a cuppa?

Whether it’s for a small side-hustle or the next Uber, give me a call to discuss what you have in mind. I’d be delighted to help.