Logo before and after

GoSparky is an e-commerce site supplying electrical components to the trade and consumers. The founders are working with local web and app agency Noviom Labs to launch a new online store. Noviom Labs approached me to redesign the logo to support the new site.

The old logo featured a running man which reminds me of a fire exit sign (not the right image for an electrical wholesaler!), 3 different typefaces, a plug, 4 colours and a lightening symbol. Safe to say there was a lot going on! What I did like about the logo was its sense of movement. It has an urgency about it which supports the idea of ordering online, fast delivery and pick-up for busy tradespeople. I also liked the blue from the original logo and wanted to keep this as the primary colour for the redesign.

The new logo strips away the unnecessary clutter but keeps the urgency with the slanted modified typeface. This logo will scale down well onto packing tape or clothing and will also look great as a large sponsor at football stadiums and on the side of vehicles.

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