Morleys Munch Branding

The Morley's Munch Story

The Gemma behind the Morley

Gemma is a a foodie through and through. She travels around the south coast enjoying the vast array of great food and drinks on offer and then she records her journey on instagram for her 3000+ followers to enjoy. I was happy to help when she reached out looking for support with a logo design and branding. She wants to turn this passion into a career and is embarking on her dream to run a bakery specialising in sweet treats; starting with her infamous brownies. I can’t wait to try one!

The Brief

Gemma was looking to use an online logo generator to design her logo but couldn’t get the result she wanted. As soon as she got in touch I had the idea for the M with the bite out of it. I thought it was a fun concept which would fit her brand perfectly so we played around with a few versions and eventually settled on the one you see here!

The Design Process

You can see some of the many iterations of the logo below. Gemma was involved in the design all the way through and had a lot of input which led to her being really happy with the final outcome.

Logo Design Process 3 Morleys Munch
Logo Design Process 2 Morleys Munch
Logo Design Process Morleys Munch

The Wider Brand Elements

I always like to include some wider branding elements when I do a logo design because the visual identity is so much more than just the logo. The wider branding was out of scope for this project but I wanted to demonstrate how the ‘bite’ could be used outside of the logo as an element to add fun and playfulness to the brand. It could be used on the corners of packaging¬† as if to show that someone was so desperate for the delicious food inside, they chomped through the box to get to it!

Fancy a cuppa?

Whether it’s for a small side-hustle or the next Uber, give me a call to discuss what you have in mind. I’d be delighted to help.