Quantum Corporate Entertainment Brand

The story behind the Quantum Logo

This project was undertaken during the Covid 19 lockdown so a full brand discovery session was not possible. Tony and I spoke on the phone and we discussed the sort of thing he was after; bold, exciting and unforgettable. I wanted to feature the letter Q if possible and I knew I wanted to make it bright.

The image shows a selection of the sketches which I did, but there were actually 81 concepts in total.

From those 81, there were several which jumped out but only one which really felt like it hit the mark. Usually I present 3 options to the client, each of which I would be happy to see as the final design but for this I was confident that I knew what the final logo should be. I sent it to Tony and he signed off no questions asked!

Logos are there to identify a company not to explain what the company does. The brief was to create a logo which was bold, exciting and unforgettable. This logo certainly ended up bold and exciting and I hope it will be unforgettable!

The concept is based on the letter Q and the intention was that it would have ‘movement’ to represent the exciting activities that the company offer. Some people have since said that they see a racetrack or even a boat with a wave behind it. If this is the case, it’s a happy coincidence!

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